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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Earth Day and Green Up Day!

Happy Earth Day!! Not only is today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it's also the 40th anniversary of Green Up Day in Vermont. Green Up Day takes place on the first Saturday in May across the state of Vermont. Kids and adults alike gather in their communities to clean up liter. If you have ever visited Vermont, you will notice right away the impact this one day of action has. Not only do the roads, sidewalks, streams and trails get a facelift, but new generations learn the importance of keeping our environment clean. As a kid, I participated in Green Up Day with my classmates every year. I learned the importance not only of putting trash in the garbage can, but also the how important it is to recycle and to reduce the amount of trash we create. While scanning the ground, bushes and ravines for trash, I began to notice how our garbage impacts the habitats of small creatures in my community. Suddenly one day of action turned into a year-long effort to reduce trash, recycle and protect the natural habitats in my town.

If you live in Vermont, you can participate in Green Up Day on Saturday, May 1st. If you live elsewhere in the country or world, why not start your own Green Up Day? All you have to do is gather a friend or two, a parent or teacher and get greening!


Claire R. said...

I had completely forgotten about Green Up Day, and now many wonderful memories come flooding back. Vermont is ahead of the game in so many ways.

NYC Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning said...

It is a fantastic remember the earth and start treasuring it's gifts and stop abusing it with the use of plastic,throwing of plastic bags clogging it etc.

Jennifer said...

Just found you - what a wonderful sight. As a mom of 4 I'll be checking in regularly.