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Redwoods by Jason Chin

“Stunning... inventive... eye-opening...”
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by Jason Chin

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Jason Chin, REDWOODS author and illustrator

Today we get to hear from Jason Chin, author and illustrator of the new book Redwoods (Roaring Brook Press, 2009). Redwood trees are one of our most precious natural wonders. They are the tallest trees in the world and some of the oldest (the oldest redwoods are 2,000 years old!). After reading this book, not only did I learn a lot about the trees themselves, but the beautiful illustrations gave me a wonderful sense of what it's like to be in the redwood forest! All week long Jason will be sharing his experience writing and illustrating his book, along with some great information about redwood trees.

The Green Guide for Kids: What inspired you to write a book for children about redwoods?

Jason Chin: I was reading an article by Richard Preston (author of The Wild Trees) in the magazine, The New Yorker. His description of climbing the trees was so exciting that I started imagining doing it myself. A few months later I imagined a child climbing them, and that's how Redwoods was born.

GGFK: This is a non-fiction book, but the pictures tell an imagined story. Why did you choose to illustrate the facts this way?

JC: I was excited to learn about the trees and I wanted children to get excited about them too. So in the story, I have the boy read a book about redwoods and suddenly find himself in the forest, experiencing it first hand. I hope that this helps my readers connect to the trees because they'll have a sense of what it is like to really be in the redwood forest.

GGFK: In this book a city kid visits the redwood forest. Do you think that city kids need more exposure to the natural world?

JC: I purposefully chose a city kid as my main character. I grew up in rural New Hampshire, where I got a lot of exposure to nature. Now I live in New York City and I see kids every day that don't get to experience nature very often. I want my book to give those children have an appreciation for the natural world that exists beyond the city limits. It's funny, in my book a boy is transported from the city to the forest, but the purpose of the book is to bring the forest to children in my city!

GGFK: In your book, the boy gets to climb to the top of a redwood. As a boy did you like to climb trees?

JC: I did climb trees. There was a good size pine tree in my back yard that I used to climb often and get pine pitch all over myself. I highly recommend it!

GGFK: Thank you. We look forward to speaking with you again tomorrow and can't wait to see your book on store shelves!

JC: Thank you!


Green Sugar said...

Good stuff.

As David Sobel says, "For children to flourish, we need to give them time to connect with the earth, to fall in love with the earth, before we ask them to save it."

Growing Green Minds,
Tim Magner

Anonymous said...
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