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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Candidates and the Environment...You Decide

As the exciting election season comes to a close, it sure would be nice if young people had a say in who will be running the country. Well guess what? You do. Your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, even older siblings will listen to you if you tell them how important issues like global warming are to you. You can help them decide who to vote for by educating them with the facts.

You can start off by pointing them in the direction of the candidate's websites to hear what they have to say about their stance on environmental issues. Click here to read John McCain's plan to fight global warming. Click here to read Barack Obama's plan.

Next, point them in the direction of The League of Conservation Voters, or the LCV. The LCV is an organization that aims to educate the voting public on environmental issues and where the candidates stand. They have investigated both candidate's plans as well as their past voting record and given them a report card. That's right, even politicians get report cards! Click here to see how John McCain scores and here to see how Barack Obama scores.

How the next president handles the global warming crisis will make all the difference in your life and the planet's future. So don't be afraid to speak up!

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