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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sad day for Santa

For the first time in human history, the North Pole could be ice–free this summer. According to Live Science, what was predicted to be a possibility of happening decades from now, is happening right now.

News like this reminds us of what we are fighting for. As a kid, you have been put in the very unfair position of having to worry about such a daunting catastrophe as global warming. You should be spending your summer days carefree. But just as adults have a lot of thinking and work to do to put a stop to global warming, you as a kid also need to step up and realize the impact you have on the world around you. What can you do today, right now, to help the planet? Can you walk or ride your bike instead of asking for a ride? Can you start that compost pile you've been thinking about making? Can you write a letter to the editor of your paper? Can you turn off the air conditioner and go swimming? How about just unplugging unused gadgets and appliances?

When we take a look around us, there is always something that we can do to leave a greener footprint. Today is the day you can make a difference.

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